Sean Platt & Johnny Truant’s Write. Publish. Repeat. Method

(Last Updated On: 17 October 2021)

I like how Sean Platt and Johnny Truant collaborate with each other to continuously produce valuable work.

In Write. Publish. Repeat. Platt and Johnny clarify from the beginning that in order to ‘make it’ as a self-published author, you must approach this venture—the writing—as a business, your books/writing as your products, and the reader as a buyer.

As much as there is a lot of valuable advice within this wonderful book, there is also a great deal of focus on the marketing and promotional side that every aspiring author who wants to ‘make it’ has to go through and do it as good as—if not better than—traditional publishers.

Still, with Platt & Truant focus’  on the promotional side, they didn’t ignore the inevitable reality, the ongoing necessity for any writer to continue producing a constant flow of work, an output; This approach of focusing on continually putting your work out there and forcing oneself to ship everyday reminds me of Isaac Asimov’s approach to it too. This is definitely a wonderful book for any aspiring writer. I like it when Sean Platt and Johnny Truant sum up the core ideas for their book:

Write great stuff, get that great stuff out into the world, connect with your readers, and then do that same thing over and over and over again.
In other words: Write. Publish. Repeat.

Write. Publish. Repeat.

Platt and Truant are JA Konrath on steroids. They share with him their ability to put out great work out there often, but with the promotional side. Konrath believes in luck. They don’t! They are super optimistic about the publishing landscape:

THERE’S NEVER BEEN A BETTER time to be an indie.

Write. Publish. Repeat.

I like their honesty too. They are not here to promise you a get-rich-quick scheme or anything of that nature, and they make it clear from the start of the book. They’ve been through the process themselves, and they know that while the rewards can be huge and beyond one’s imaginations and wildest dreams, it is still a long-term game: a game that requires patience, passion, and perseverance.

If you have a few books (or only one) and aren’t planning to write more, you’re as doomed today, during the e-book revolution, as you would have been during the query-and-hope days.

Write. Publish. Repeat.

Platt & Truant emphasize the importance of the quantity of your work/output in the marketplace—though, also not ignoring the quality. And this is applicable for both fiction and nonfiction indie authors. And, in my estimation, the greatest part of Write. Publish. Repeat. is the appendix at the end of the book where they interviewed some of the most successful indie authors like Joanna Penn and Hugh Howey.

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