Waiting Till You Retire to Write?!

(Last Updated On: 5 May 2021)

Some people think of writing as something you get to do when you’ve got time, when you find some free time–time away from your day job or your family duties; that is for them, the idea of writing as a career is way beyond their imagination.

Somehow, they think that writing is something you get to do when other things are either done already or put put on hold.

But when we try to understand writers and their approach to writing, we discover that each one of them had a schedule, had stick to that schedule, and treated his career as a writer seriously; that is as worthy as any other ‘real’ job.

William Zinsser said that writing is not an art, and that it is a ‘craft’ instead.

You’ve been reading a post that belongs to my daily journal—an entire section of this blog that wasn’t written to be read, but to keep me going: it represents my writing momentum.

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