Stuff Happen When People Get Paid

(Last Updated On: 8 March 2021)

In a free society, things only happen when people get paid. Think about it. The economic incentive is the major force driving the world’s population behavior. Of course, in an unfree, semi-free, working-towards-being-free societies it is not when people get paid that events take place. Oftentimes, the people have no choice. Either it is the king, ruler, government, or the elite/intelligentsia, or a combination of both that decide on what should be done, what must not be done, and what is ought to be done. And, it is even worse if you look at The Bottom Billion; these nations, as Paul Collier puts it, are coexisting with “the twenty-first century, but their reality is the fourteenth century: civil war, plague, ignorance.” (The Bottom Billion)

A world within a world. Same century, different realities. Same 24 hours, different problems to tackle, and it seems the

And, who decides who gets paid and how much? You would be tempted to point your finger out to the Markets, saying Supply and Demand, and all that. And in a perfect world–or even a near-perfect one–you would be correct. But are we really living in a world dominated by free markets and trade? Or, are we living in a world governed by trade-offs and contradictions, by a bunch of narcissist elite controlling everything, and before all, ignorant masses?

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