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Imagine waking up, eager to try a new coffee combo and have some fun.

You reach for the Ethiopian coffee grains your friend brought you from Addis Ababa last year and wonder if you should mix them with the Brazilian beans in one container.

But what if the taste doesn’t meet your expectations? With the GIGA 10, worry no more!

With its revolutionary design, the GIGA 10 offers two bean containers, each equipped with a ceramic disc grinder, ensuring the best grinding experience.

Now you can experiment with different blends without the fear of wasting precious coffee.

Enjoy creating your perfect coffee masterpiece, all made possible by the marvelous GIGA 10 by Jura.


The new GIGA 10 by Jura features the revolutionary Cold Extraction Process, which allows users to savor up to 35 genuine cold brew specialties effortlessly at the touch of a button.

By carefully pulsing cold water under high pressure through your freshly ground coffee, GIGA 10 creates a unique tastes that are refreshing and energizing, offering a wonderfully balanced aroma that brings the authentic iced coffee experience right to your home.


GIGA 10 boasts an innovative touch-operated panel presented in a wide panorama format. The panel is specifically designed for optimum clarity, maximum user-friendliness, and a completely new interactive user experience.

With a simple tap and slide, users can effortlessly navigate through various options, allowing them to customize their beverage down to the percentage of beans ground from each container, size, intensity, coffee-to-milk ratio, and more.

Elevate your coffee offerings and cater to ever-changing consumer tastes with the GIGA 10—the ultimate solution for small cafe owners. With its diverse range of up to 35 hot and cold brew options, intuitive customization capabilities, and innovative Cold Extraction Process, the GIGA 10 empowers you to delight your customers with a wide array of barista-crafted specialties, making it the perfect addition to your cafe for a truly exceptional coffee experience.

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